Sticker pack users (iMessage Stickers):

If you’re having issues, please read this:

You installed an iMessage Sticker pack- it’s not a keyboard extension and there is no app icon that you can see. They’re there though- check the link and image below and you’ll see how they work.

How to use new iOS 10 iMessage Stickers- it’s super easy!


Android Keyboard users:

Emoji Fame app users:

Why does Emoji Fame keyboard need Full Access?

Apple iOS requires that ALL third party keyboards have Full Access- they simply won’t work without it. Rest assured that Emoji Fame will never collect any personal info or transmit what you type over any network. We do not log keystrokes. Your privacy is safe with us.

Can I use Emoji Fame messages in Snapchat / Instagram / LINE / WhatsApp / Facebook / Twitter / etc?

Emoji Fame is designed and optimized to be used for texting and email. Emoji Fame emojis and messages are images, not fonts like the Apple Color iOS emojis. Snapchat doesn’t allow third party images like Emoji Fame. Instagram doesn’t allow commenting with images. If these limitations change in the future, you’ll be the first to know.

All is not forsaken though- you can save and post your brilliant Emoji Fame messages to Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / etc. To do so, compose and text your Emoji Fame message. Then tap on the image in the conversation window. Then click the share button in the bottom left hand side of the screen. From there you can post directly to Twitter or Facebook, or save to your camera roll.

Installing Emoji Fame / Troubleshooting:

1. Is your iOS up to date? Emoji Fame requires iOS 8.0 or later. It’s compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Double check on your device: Settings>General>About>Version.

2. Give the app Full Access: go to: Settings>General>Keyboards>Add New Keyboard… Click Emoji Fame and then click on Emoji Fame and select “Full Access.” You’ll see a crazy warning message about allowing Full Access, but don’t worry- EVERY iOS keyboard extension requires this to work. We can’t access anything on your phone and respect your privacy.

3. Last step: To use the emojis, you’ll need to enable a set from the Emoji Fame app. Launch the app and then click on the purchase/enable button for any of the sets you want- for instance, click on Free for the “Memes & Things” set. If you want a paid set, click on the 1.99 button and you’ll be guided through the check out process.

Once you have at least one set enabled/purchased, open up Messages, hit the globe button until you see the Emoji Fame keyboard and text away!

4. The Nuclear Option: If you have verified that you have an up to date version of iOS, have given the app Full Access and enabled at least one emoji set, but you’re still having issues, try this: delete the Emoji Fame app, then reboot your iOS device. Turn it back on and reinstall form the App Store. That should do the trick.

Tips on using the app:

There are two ways to send Emoji Fame emojis: if you just select one emoji and then copy & paste, it will send a large “sticker” size emoji. If you select two emojis or combine emojis with text or iOS emojis, it will send the message and emojis in small size.


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